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Transformed Into a transformer with Angry Birds

Transformed Into a transformer with Angry Birds

Angry Birds Transformers has been the most downloaded app on Apple’s mobile platform. It is an online flash game based on a movie of the same name. The main character is an angry bird that transforms into a transformer to protect the earth from the bad elements. The screen is filled with different Angry Birds stages as you complete the levels.

Angry Birds Transformers has been a best-selling app on both android and iPhone platforms for quite some time now. It is an addictive game as the core game involves the use of the Transformers to blast away enemy vehicles, birds, and other objects which are located on the screen. This is because most of these vehicles, birds, and other objects have a remote control, which helps the player to shoot them. Different types of Transformers are available in the game and one of them is the Transformer Devastator which transforms from an ancient transformer to a powerful tank that is used against enemy robots.

You can see a number of features packed into this highly popular game. First of all, you can see that the game is extremely colorful and has exceptional graphics. Also, you will find that it provides a very authentic and life-like experience since most of the vehicles, birds, and other objects are based on the real world. They are also well designed so that they do not look too “cute” or too “realistic”. Plus, the user interface controls are very easy to understand and operate.

Another feature of Angry Birds Transformers is the in-built tokens system. This system starts off with ten tokens which are used to purchase a particular Transformer in the game. As you progress through the game, more tokens are added to the pool and you are able to customize the avatars of the transformers.

Further, if you love a dash of entertainment and fun, then you must take a look at Angry Birds Turbo. The game consists of sixty levels of excitement as you smash and crash the blocks to win the game. As you advance, the blocks become harder and you must increase your skill level in order to progress to the next level. Further, once you manage to clear the first sixty levels, you will automatically enter the second level. The best part is that once you finish the game, you are automatically sent to the next level.

Another great feature of Angry Birds Transformers is its excellent level of customization. As the different avatars of the characters move through the different stages of the game, they are transformed to match the changing moods and adventure of their respective transformers. Each of the six characters in the game has its own special skills, and the user is able to unlock additional abilities by spending some time mastering the others.

Also, in this game, the user is able to earn coins and use them to purchase upgrades for the characters. When the desired number of coins has been collected, they can instantly transform into the said character. There are also a number of objects available in the game, and the user may use these objects to power up or purchase new toys for their collection. The objects include a tractor, an egg carton, a vacuum, and many others. You can buy the same objects individually or you may select a combination from the list. The number of available objects may change as you progress through the game, and you are required to spend some time unlocking them one after the other.

The Angry Birds Transformers is available for free on the official site, and the developer is aware that it is not worth the price of admission. The reason behind this is that it does not contain any gems that you would be able to collect later on. That being said, it is still a very entertaining game, and you would certainly want to play it when you are having a spare few minutes from your daily routine. If you really want to have a taste of the real money version, you can buy the Wii version of Angry Birds, which is currently undergoing development.

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