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How to Do Well in the Payback II – The Battle Sandbox Game

How to Do Well in the Payback II – The Battle Sandbox Game

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox can be considered as one of the best action/adventure games on Facebook. Like its predecessor, Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox, it was released and made available for iOS a few months ago. It quickly gained popularity and quickly sold out on Facebook. Now, it has been featured on Google Play.

Payback is an addictive Facebook game, where you have to save Valentine from the clutches of the evil Doctor Drakken. Drakken is after a mysterious vial that contains a powerful serum that will make him instantly transform into a monster-like creature. To make matters worse, the villain has transformed himself to fight against Valentine, thus making the game more complicated and challenging. You can find the mission and the controls on the Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox help page. Below is a Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox walkthrough and a checklist of what you should do in the game.

Mission Overview: Help Valentine and his friends fight against Drakken in the game’s opening level. On your way, you’ll also meet other players like Tempah, Diesel, Shanks, Runt, Llamah, Bouncers, and Stompa. The objective of the level is to find and use the secret serum to transform Drakken into a monster.

Objective: Fight Drakken. When you’re fighting Drakken, be sure to target him right when he starts to glow green. When he begins to charge, run away and drop down on top of him. Make sure you kill the tentacles that come out of him as well.

Take Cover: When you’re fighting Drakken, don’t stand still and let him get to you. Move around and engage him in close combat, but don’t fight too long, or else you’ll take cover in the sand. This allows you to stay out of the fighting and regroup. When he charges, use your bow and arrow, but stay behind cover. Then engage in melee as much as you can until he gets down to less than half health.

Run! When he’s down, move to cover so you can conserve your arrows and energy. Once he recovers, engage him in melee again but don’t standstill. When he charges, use your bow and arrow as much as possible, but don’t stand still and wait for him to go down.

Take it Easy: The spider boss of the area can be a big pain. If you know you won’t have enough weapons to take him down easily, you can play it safe and conserve your attacks until he gets close to dying. When he does die, focus on the center of the screen and get a few range points before moving to the side and repeating the fight from a different angle.

Keep up the Fireworks! If you find yourself getting killed by one of the Spider’s tentacles, you can always trigger the fireworks sequence from the beginning of the fight. It will put most of the enemies off their guard and you can easily snipe the main target, the Spider while doing the other opponents little damage. You won’t see much of a difference in the health bar, but you will notice that they are focusing more on you. The fireworks will kill all of them in a matter of just a few seconds.

Focus on the Sidequests/missions. The missions do not make much sense if you are not going to do them. It will be better if you leave the sidequests to last since you will need the experience anyway to level up faster. The XP you will get from them is just enough to level up without leveling up too fast.

Try to complete all quests in each area. The bonus objective you have to do in some areas is not that difficult to complete but will slow you down so much that you might as well just quit. Focus on the objective, finish the quests and then move to the next area. This is the best way to speed up the leveling process considerably.

Don’t get locked into any maps. Instead, try to move between maps and not sticking to one area or the other. The maps are split into smaller areas, so moving between them will not cause too much of a hassle. Just take your time and don’t go chasing every mob you see. The Payback II – The Battle Sandbox is not about grinding, it’s about having fun and playing the game, and is doing everything you can to level up fast.

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